Museum of Lambung Mangkurat Kalimantan

Lambung Mangkurat Exhibition hall is a historical center of South Kalimantan situated on Jl. A. Yani Km. 35.5. Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. The Gallery involves a position of one.five hectares introduced with the guide of the Pastor of preparing DR. Daoed Yoesoef on 10 January 1979.

Lambung Mangkurat Exhibition hall is the general administration of the Gallery, sooner than the age of nearby self-rule under their administration on the Directorate of Historical center Depdikbud Jakarta, and in view that January 2001 underneath the Service of lifestyle and The travel industry of South Kalimantan.

This Historical center presentation incorporates a few homes. the primary building houses a gallery high again design and structure joined with contemporary innovation. inside the state of different homes are received from the state of Banjar clan regular conventional habitation that is the standard clan in the region of South Kalimantan. The most conspicuous is the rooftop appears to be prolonged oval. indeed, even as yellow turns into the prevailing tinge of the whole building is prepared 2 occurrences the size of the football discipline.

the guideline building is intended to be a - story display exhibition hall that shops 11,965 bits of everlasting accumulation. This arrangement might be classified into 10 sorts, in particular, topography/geology, Science, ethnography, paleohistory, history, numismatic/Heraldic, philology, expressions, and period. on the diminishing the front floor, it is welcomed with a four-meter extensive whale skeleton. The floor ground of the show corridor is an archeological and old space, even as the higher floors exist of geography, science, numismatic, mechanical, philology and ethnography of social recommends in Kalimantan.

Whenever intrigued by acing the convention contained in Kalimantan (regardless of whether ethnic, customary home, language) can be discovered immediately by methods for voyaging Historical center Lambung Mangkurat.

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