Kotagede a Sanctuary For Silver Devotee

Traveling eastbound from the focal point of Yogyakarta City, we will discover a town that is for the most part populated as silversmiths. The town is called Kotagede, a vacationer town that still holds numerous old structures of Dutch legacy. No big surprise in Kotagede there are numerous Dutch legacy structures, the first run through Kotagede was at one time the capital of Mataram kingdom.

The presence of silver Workmanship town in Kotagede isn't isolated from the presence of VOC in Yogyakarta. Dutch individuals with his VOC who came to Yogyakarta around the sixteenth century many arranged family unit machines made of silver to the indigenous. Thusly, silver experts in Kotagede are progressively rising.

Entering Kotagede territory, we are legitimately visited by one of the silversmiths who have created numerous sorts of silver painstaking work financially esteem. Situated on Jalan Basen KG III/82, Kotagede, we experienced Marjuni who was occupied with making silver rings. As indicated by his confirmation, a couple of years after the fact, silver deals turnover declined contrasted with earlier years.

Marjuni generally gets the silver crude material by getting it available. Not just making silver rings, Marjuni additionally makes other silver crafted works, for example, key chains, reproduction Borobudur, to stick billiard made of ivory. The majority of the art things are sold dependent on the immediate requests from the purchaser, some are saved in silver craftsmanship shops that are many remaining in Kotagede.

One of the greatest silver workmanship stores in Yogyakarta is HS Silver. Situated in Mondorokan Road, Kotagede, it was established by Harto Soehardjo. The initials of this name are then named as trademark "HS Silver ". In the mean time, the expectation of the number 800-925 in the HS Silver trademark is the estimation of silver that is sold at HS Silver store. This silver shop likewise creates its very own products.

Kotagede is a heaven for admirers of products made of silver, in Kotagede we discover another lavishness of Indonesia.

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